2013 International Speaking and Self-Promotion Tour

Okay, it’s hardly a speaking tour and it barely qualifies as international, but I’m going to be at a few great events in the near future. Here goes:

Killer Tribes Conference — Atlanta, GA | March 23

Can’t wait to attend this conference, let alone be a part of the official program. I’ll be participating on a panel of authors, drawing upon my VAST experience. Want to come to Killer Tribes? Register here and save $20 with the promo code ILIKESCOTT. (Note: You don’t actually have to like me.)

TransFORM — Ft. Worth, TX | April 5-6

This event is dedicated to forming missional communities — a cause I can certainly get behind. I’m teaching a workshop on story, and the registration cost is just $25, so sign up.

Tapestry Adoption & Foster Care Event — Irving, TX | April 13

Adoption is a big part of my family’s story, which figures prominently into the opening of Tell Me a Story, so I’m so happy to be talking with adoptive and foster families about story at this free event. Tapestry is a wonderful ministry that Annie and I are honored to be a part of, and you’re welcome to join us.

Create — St. Catherines, ON, Canada | June 3-5

I spoke at the first Create back in 2011, and I’m thrilled to be invited back this year. If you’re Canadian, or if you’re just fond of Canadians, you’ll love this experience. They’ve put together a great lineup (as always), so check it out.

Echo — Dallas, TX | July 24-26

When I was the director of Echo I could just invite myself to teach a breakout session (and I did, like, every year). This year I’m no longer the director, but the Echo team was nice enough to invite me back any way. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to it.

So, that’s my schedule. I hope to see you out on the road somewhere!

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