About Me


I’m a writer, communications pastor, occasional speaker, family man, and fellow of infinite jest. And in case you’d like a little more detail:

I’m the  Communications Pastor at Irving Bible Church, where my wife and I were involved as civilians for nine years. I also have a new book (my first) called Tell Me a Story

In early 2014 I began running the blog over at Sunday| Magazine, where I try to work through ideas and resources for church communicators like myself.

Previously, I was a part of RT Creative Group from 2005 to 2012, where I started out working for Igniter Media and WorshipHouse Media. Later, I was the guy responsible for the words on the pages of COLLIDE Magazine. In the end, I was the director of Echo Conference for four years and the editor of Echo Hub, which replaced COLLIDE.

My wife Annie and I live in the Dallas area with our two girls, Elise and Maggie. As you might imagine, the girls keep us busy. Whatever free time I have belongs to my family, writing, reading, various side projects, whatever I can help you with, and making poor dietary decisions.

If you’d like to get ahold of me, you can take your best shot here. As you can see from my lightly Photoshopped picture, I’m incredibly warm and friendly.

Communications Pastor and author of Tell Me a Story