Friday Likes

I thought I’d try something new, and we’ll see how it goes …

Here’s a quick list of things I enjoyed this week, and I bet you’ll enjoy them too.

1. Everyone’s kindness and support this week. 

I made a big announcement about my new job, and I was blown away by how generous people were with there responses. On Facebook, Twitter, email, and here on this blog, people were just so encouraging. That meant so much to me as I get ready for this new role.

2. Sidebar design links

Sidebar‘s value proposition is simple: “the best design links, every day.” Either stop by the site as often as you like or sign up for an email, and Sidebar takes care of the rest — quality design reading and resources.

3. The Lone Bellow

A month ago, NPR made a declaration: “You’ll know this band in 2013.” They were right. I grabbed The Lone Bellow’s debut album from AmazonMP3, and it’s fantastic. No surprise that the great Charlie Peacock lent his considerable producing talents to the record. Check out “Two Sides of Lonely”:

4. Tim Keller’s Center Church

I’m about to start working for a church, so I figured I should start in on this one. I assumed it’d be practical and all that, but I wasn’t prepared for it to be the most convicting book I’ve read in quite some time. More on that another day.

5. Joshua Blankenship’s self-reflection

Joshua is a gifted designer and writer — that much we know — but I was impressed by this post (and the others it links to) in particular. He demonstrates an unusual level of perspective about where he is and how he got there. That much perspective doesn’t just happen, so it’s obvious Joshua has done the work. Sorry, I just appreciate that. It challenges me, and that’s one of the best gifts a writer can give a reader.

That’s my list for the week. Here’s hoping you enjoy at least three out of the five. Otherwise, I don’t see us being friends.


Kind of.

Have a great weekend.

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