Well, I’m a published author. Tell Me a Story is out. In light of that strange and unlikely reality, I’d be foolish not to stop and say how grateful I am to a number of people. Will you indulge me?

First, my wife Annie. She’s the best. I couldn’t have done this without her, and she loves telling people about this book. Amazing. Everyone else falls in line after her …

Moody Publishers — the team at Moody has been so encouraging from the very beginning, and as a first-time author I’ll be forever grateful to them for that.

Jeff Goins — Jeff is a great writer and he was generous enough to contribute a compelling foreword to Tell Me a Story. If you don’t know his work, or if you haven’t read Wrecked, please remedy that situation immediately.

The Endorsers — I’ve made wonderful friends in this church leadership world over the years, and several of them were kind enough to put their names on my book. Thanks to Jon, Charles, Phil, Amena, Kem, Rhett, Jonathan, Brad, and Blaine for being willing to take a bit of a risk. (Check out the Endorsers link for their words and links.)

The Informal Marketing Department — several people have helped me spread the word about the launch of the book, and I’d love to mention a few:

  • Church Marketing Sucks and editor Kevin Hendricks — they reviewed my book, let me write a guest post, and Kevin even mentioned my book in a post on his personal blog
  • Jonathan Merritt — I was so fortunate to participate in this engaging Q&A about the significance of story and storytellers in our day and age. Read it if you get a chance.
  • Sunday| Magazine — Thanks to editor Jonathan Malm for the opportunity to write this article on short stories.
  • There are more, of course. People who’ve tweeted kind and wonderful words about buying the book and enjoying its contents. Thank you all.

The People of Irving Bible Church — I’ve been a part of IBC for about nine years now, but I’ve only been on staff for about a month. I’m still the new guy. And yet, that didn’t stop the staff from throwing me a book launch party today complete with books for everyone, more than enough pizza, and a gigantic poster of me. Yes, a gigantic poster of me. I haven’t done anything yet to deserve that kind of love and support, but I guess that’s what grace is all about.

All of these people (and more) have made the release of my first book an experience I’ll never forget. And for that, I’m grateful.

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