Heavy Rotation

I’m not a proper music critic, and I never will be. On paper, I have all the makings of one: I like to write, I’m good at being snarky, I dislike most of what the music industry churns out, I’m a failed musician, I’m socially awkward, and I tend to confuse my opinions with facts. And yet, writing about music just doesn’t work for me.

In lieu of reviews or any form of in-depth, critical analysis, I’m going to share a few thoughts (and affiliate links) to three albums I can’t stop listening to these days. Yes, there are others, but the Internet demands lists in quantities of three, five, ten, or one hundred — and three is the lowest number. In no particular order, here we go:

The Decemberists | The King Is Dead

I own several albums from The Decemberists, but their newest is by far my favorite. It’s a bit more country-folk than world-folk (I think), and the melodies are just … right. “Don’t Carry It All” is a fantastic first track, “Rise To Me” and “This Is Why We Fight” are just as catchy, and you won’t find a prettier pair of songs than “January Hymn” and “June Hymn.”

The Black Keys | Brothers

Brothers represents my first proper exposure to the Black Keys, and I love what I hear. It’s grungy, it’s bluesy, and it’s rootsy. Those are good things in my book, but your results may vary. Sample “Next Girl” and “Howlin’ For You” to see what you’re getting yourself into.

Local Natives | Gorilla Manor

I just got this one a few days ago, so I’m still absorbing it. But after one listen, I understood why I heard about this band so many times in 2010. The album is rich without feeling over-produced — it’s indie without being sloppy. Again, I’m still absorbing Gorilla Manor, but at this point I view it as an answer to the question, “What would happen if emo went mid-tempo and mid-hopeful?” Who would ask a ridiculous question like that? Hi, I’m Scott. Nice to meet you.

There you are — three albums as promised. I’m digging each of them, and I think you will too. Unless you have terrible taste in music, in which case you should pretend to like each of these albums. Maybe you could even blog about how great they are.

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