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This site’s URL is ScottLikes.com, and yet I still have a hard time avoiding rants and negativity. This is especially surprising to you if you’re familiar with my sunny disposition. Anyway, to combat this trend in my blogging, I thought it’d be helpful to dedicate a post to a rundown of things I’ve been digging lately:

1. Firefly

This television series has achieved cult status despite its limited run of 14 episodes beginning in September 2002. I’d never seen the show until recently, but its reputation among sci-fi fans and TV junkies convinced me to give it a shot on Netflix. I blew through all 14 episodes, and I was pleased. It’s a shame Fox pulled the plug prematurely because it would’ve been interesting to see what the show would’ve done with additional time and resources. So, should you give Firefly a shot? That depends on your reaction to this phrase: quippy indie space western. Whether you’re intrigued or repulsed, you have your answer.

2. The Age of Adz — Sufjan Stevens

This album, the latest from hipster folk darling Sufjan Stevens, was somewhat shocking upon first listen. After all, Stevens had conditioned us to expect lighthearted melodies, banjo plucking, and woodwinds. The Age of Adz largely forgoes those Sufjan staples in favor of lyrics that hint at psychosis, electronica influence, and an Auto-Tune cameo. All that said, the more I listen, the more I love it. The album is odd and moody, but undeniably special. I’d try to explain it further, as the album’s first track insists, words are just futile devices.

3. Kickstarter and the Cosmonaut

I think Kickstarter.com is a great idea. The site fuels the discovery and funding of creative projects, from art (films, books, albums, etc.) to inventions (an iPhone 4 tripod, an iPod nano watchband, etc.). When you come across a Kickstarter project you’d like to support, you simply pledge some money to the creator of the project. For example, check out a project I backed last week: the Cosmonaut. It’s an innovative approach to creating a stylus for the iPad, and I think it’s going to come in handy. The project met its fundraising goal, so a Cosmonaut is going to hit my mailbox sometime this summer. Good times.

4. Reggie Watts

I’d never heard of this guy before (HT: Joshua Blankenship), and I think it best to let the video do the talking:


Wild but hypnotic, no?

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