International Speaking Tour!!!

Granted, “International Speaking Tour” might be overselling it a bit, but I have three dates on the ol’ speaking calendar in the coming months and I’d like to share them with you.

First up, Christian Web Conference — April 14-16 at Biola University just outside beautiful Los Angeles, California. I’m leading a workshop on social media strategy, and it should be a lot of fun. More important, I’m honored to be part of a lineup that includes Tony Morgan, Charles Lee, Drew Goodmanson, John Dyer, Matt Anderson, and the rest. As I tweeted the other day, it’s professors, PhDs, pastors, authors, CEOs, and me.

Next, Create Conference — June 6-8 in St. Catherines, Ontario, CANADA. See, I told you it was international! Again, I’m honored to be part of an amazing lineup: Phil Cooke, Kem Meyer, and Craig Groeschel via video. (“Enough with the professionals, who can we get who’s inexperienced and goofy looking?!?”) This time around, I’m giving a keynote talk on storytelling. This will be my first time in Canada, so let’s hope I don’t do anything to offend our friendly neighbors to the north.


Finally, Echo — July 27-29 in Dallas. This one is special because, um, I sorta help run Echo. I love Echo, which is why I invited myself to speak at it. This conference lineup is also spectacular — Scott Belsky, Andy Crouch, Jon Acuff, Joshua Blankenship, Blaine Hogan, Stephen Brewster, and on and on — so I’d love for you to come. I’m going to teach a breakout session about … something fun and interesting and to be determined.

That’s it for the 2011 International Speaking Tour — at least for the time being — so go ahead and register for all three events.

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  1. And in between you’ll be appearing in the rolicking comedy “McClellanTown” in the role of supportive husband and sleep-deprived Dad!

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