Making vs. Managing: Every Day

When you’re in charge of something, when you manage it, you check on that thing every so often. You look in on it as infrequently as possible, as infrequently as is organizationally acceptable.

That’s the natural mindset of the manager. It just is. But the mindset of the maker is markedly different.

When you’re trying to make something new or real or better, if shapes your day. Every day. When you’re truly trying to cultivate something, you tend to it every day. The cat wants to be fed every day. The kids want attention every day.

Matt Damon’s Mark Watney tended those Martian potatoes every day because his life depended on them. He was trying to bring green growth from indifferent red dirt.

Hobbies and interests? We cultivate those on the weekend or a couple weeks a year. Those are fun, but the best way to determine what we’re truly passionate about is to examine our every day.

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