Tapestry Conference and Two Misconceptions About Story

In a few weeks I’m teaching a session at Tapestry Conference (Saturday, October 27) titled, Story. I’m hoping to convey the power of story for adoptive and foster families, but we’ll see.

Anyway, on the Tapestry blog I was asked three questions about the topic of story, and I thought I’d share this one with you:

Are there common misconceptions about story?

I think maybe there are two. The first is that many people associate story with fiction, and so they don’t take it seriously. Perhaps they assume that story is make believe or child’s play. Or perhaps they think story is just for artists and dreamers. Obviously, I disagree. 

The other misconception is that story is about wish fulfillment, as though we’re guaranteed any outcome we can imagine. If I decide the story of my life is that I’m going to be a professional basketball player, well, I’m still going to come up short (even though I’m 6’6”). 

Somewhere in the middle — and we’ll talk about this in my session — is the power of narrative in the life of your family.

Of course, I have a lot of thoughts on story these days because of the book, so keep an eye out for that. Oh, and if you can make it to Tapestry Conference (it’s FREE), you absolutely should.

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