Tell Me a Story, Reviewed

It has been a little more than a month since Tell Me a Story was released into the wild, and so far the book has been the recipient of some kind and generous reviews and comments. Allow me to highlight a few …

Church Marketing Sucks:

“[Tell Me a Story] looks at life as story and offers inspiration, encouragement and motivation to be worthy storytellers. It’s a great little (only 132 pages) book that condenses and summarizes a lot of the disjointed, buzz worthy and overdone thoughts about story that have floated around in the past few years and shares them in a concise, simple and powerful format.”

Barnabas Piper:

“The theme of the book is story – our stories, God’s storytelling, and the intersection of the two. What stands out in my mind is how this view of reality – living a story – makes so much sense of life. It gives purpose to conflict and pain. It gives motivation to decision making and planning. And it humbles me as I realize that there is an author of truth, the real story, and His story is so much better than what I could compose.”

Restoration Living:

Tell Me a Story helps us (re)find our place in the ultimate story of God’s love and restoration of all things. When we can see beyond ourselves to this larger story, it gives our own story deeper meaning, greater inspiration, and clearer direction.”

Lore Ferguson:

“In a time when so many tell stories and get published quickly, there are few who tell stories that centralize back to the gospel, and Scott shows this well. If you’re a writer, storyteller, speaker, or communicator, I recommend this book for encouragement and instruction.”

There are also several kind reviews on Amazon, including this one from B. Atwood:

“If his goal is to make you want to tell your own life story as seen through the grand metanarrative of the Bible’s redemptive story, or to listen more intently to the stories others have lived, he’s succeeded.”

So there you have it — some kind words about this labor of love I call Tell Me a Story. If you don’t have a copy yet, or if you just haven’t had a chance to read yours yet, I’d love for you to dig in. Even more, I’d love hear your thoughts on the book and your experience with it. If you’re so inclined, drop me a line.

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