A few months before the release of Tell Me a Story, I sent the manuscript to some friends who were willing to read and endorse the book. Here’s what those kind and generous people had to say:

“Scott is a genius! This book is inspiring, challenging and a lighthouse that calls us to a new narrative. I lived this book and you will too!”

Jon Acuff, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of Quitter and Stuff Christians Like

“Few people are as capable as Scott McClellan to write a book like this. In recent years, he has become one of the most trusted Christian voices on effective communication. In Tell Me a Story, Scott seeks to empower readers to become captivating and compelling storytellers. You’d do we’ll to listen to what he has to say.”

Jonathan Merritt, Faith and Culture Writer; Author of A Faith of Our Own: Following Jesus Beyond the Culture Wars

“One of the great tragedies of our time is that the Christian community is losing its story.  In today’s distracted and disrupted culture, the Church’s  voice is fading, because we’ve lost sight of the power of story. Scott McClellan’s fascinating new book Tell Me a Story is a timely reminder that to engage a media-driven world effectively, we need to get back to the mindset of Jesus — telling compelling stories that transform lives.”

Phil Cooke, Ph.D., filmmaker, media consultant, and author of Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media

Tell Me a Story is an invitation to embrace the story of God unfolding in all of our lives. It’s a witty, insightful, and practical look into the raw beauty of story and its transformative power.”

Charles Lee, CEO of Ideation & Author of Good Idea. Now What?

Tell Me a Story is a reminder that the life of following Jesus is not a rigid, legalistic experience, but a story in which we get to breathe and live. Through these pages, Scott writes of God’s invitation for all of us to surrender our character, conflict, narrative, purpose and plot to God, the greatest storyteller of all time.”

Amena Brown, author and spoken word poet 

“In Tell Me a Story, Scott McClellan offers the next generation of leaders a fresh, personal and inspiring way of seeing themselves and their place in the world. Scott calls each of us to be storytellers, and it’s a call I hope we answer. ”

Brad Lomenick, President and Lead Visionary of Catalyst

“I have long believed in the incredible power of Story. Scott reignited that belief and will make you believe it too.”

Blaine Hogan, author of UNTITLED: Thoughts on the Creative Process

“I opened this book and found myself ‘right in the middle of a page-turner.’ Scott has a compelling way of sharing his story and the stories of others while leaving room for mine. You want to know how he does it? Get this book. Not only will you get the answer to that question, you’ll also find out what gobsmacked, group freakout and hip-dislocating mojo has to do with anything.”

Kem Meyer, Communications Director at Granger Community Church and author of Less Clutter. Less Noise. 

“Scott McClellan is a gifted writer who crafts each and every word into beautiful sentences, compelling the reader into the narrative journey of their lives. And Tell Me a Story did just that. It continually drew me into the belief that my story mattered, and that God wants to use it. And as I began to believe that my story mattered I began to not only encounter, but pay more attention to the daily work of God in my life. This is the type of book I want to hand to people in my pastoral and counseling work and say, ‘Your story matters — you need to share it with others.’ But it’s not just a book for others, it is a book for me. It’s a book that reminds me that because my story matters to God, I’m to come alongside others and encourage them to live out out and tell their story.”

Rhett Smith, marriage and family therapist and author of The Anxious Christian

Tell Me a Story is a book that needs to be read, written by an author who needs to write it. Scott McClellan has combined his spiritual depth with his dry humor, and has given the world this timely and beautiful work of art. The more we visit and revisit the Story we’re caught in, the more we’ll find ourselves living out our highest calling of Christ in us, through us, and in spite of us. I thank God for Scott’s voice — a voice that calls us back into both the telling, and into the living out, of the only Story that really matters.”

Gary A. MolanderAuthor of Pursuing Christ. Creating Art. and Owner and Founder of Floodgate Productions

If you’d like to order your copy of Tell Me a Story, Amazon is a great place to start.

Communications Pastor and author of Tell Me a Story