In 2013 I wrote a book called Tell Me a Story, so maybe start there if you want to read what I have to say about about story, life, and faith. If you’re not into books, here’s where you can find my words scattered around the Internet:

  • Sunday| Magazine — I’m doing a lot of writing here about church communications and worship planning.
  • Storyline — In March 2014 I joined the ranks of the contributors to the Storyline blog, one of the best sites around.
  • Church Marketing Sucks — A long-time favorite site of mine.
  • RELEVANTmagazine.com — The one and only.
  • Q Ideas — A post I wrote about story and the church.
  • Catalyst Space — Many moons ago, I wrote a proper essay for the great Catalyst. This post is much more recent.

That’s most of the good stuff (plus a little extra). Sadly, the 1,000 posts I wrote for Echo Hub during my time there are no longer online, but some of them were good. I promise.

Of course, if there’s something I can write for you, just let me know.

Communications Pastor and author of Tell Me a Story